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BC Reds on Top in the 4th Annual Judgement of BC

We are excited to share that BC Bordeaux-inspired blends continue to shine against some of the best wines in the world.

Last week, 2 Naramata Bench wineries packed the 1 & 2 punch against Napa and French heavyweights in the Judgement of BC.  Our Laughing Stock Vineyards Portfolio 2015 placed 2nd just behind  Poplar Grove's Legacy 2014 in a blind tasting of 6 BC wines against 6 international benchmarks in the red blend category. 

The Judgement of BC was inspired by the legendary Judgement of Paris in 1976 when California challenged French wines. Read the full article here.

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Artisanal Amphora Syrah Wine Hits the Market

On Wednesday, November 6th, the opening bell will ring for our long-awaited Amphora Syrah 2017

Laughing Stock Amphora Syrah is a unique and special wine, and the result of our winemakers’ desire to implement this historical ‘made in clay’ winemaking technique.  For the 2017 vintage, we placed Syrah grapes in our two 500L terracotta amphorae and left them fully untouched for 8 months.  The result is a beautifully complex Syrah with sophisticated structure.

INSIDER TIP: Originally used in ancient Greek & Roman days, this approach embodies the artisan desire to make wines more naturally with wild ferments and minimal intervention. For more information on the Amphorae, click here.

Laughing Stock Amphora Syrah is a Preferred Share Wine Club exclusive. Join now to secure your fair share - only 100 cases produced.

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A 6-bottle limit is in effect for this wine.


Harvest 2018

Harvest 2018 has certainly provided it’s challenges - there’s an old adage that says a vine has to suffer to produce a great wine, and we can attest to that this year.   Warm weather in early spring started the growing season off right, with bud-break a few weeks ahead of schedule.  Dry, sunny conditions remained through July but then came the smoke from surrounding fires that filtered the much needed sunlight in August. 

In September the skies cleared, and cooler temperatures helped prolong the growing season with ample sunshine and warmth with a surprise return through the better part of October.    The winemaking team of David Enns and Nikki Callaway have shared that crop levels are looking excellent, with good sugar accumulation and elegant balanced flavours.  Cabernet Franc is the one to watch this vintage, it thrives in the longer growing seasons.