Our team


Holly Brockmeyer
investor relations

Holly is in charge of our 'investors", a.k.a. managing the ever-growing Preferred Share Wine Club and busy appointment-only Tasting Room.

Holly has developed her wine knowledge with a “hands on” approach touring the wine regions of the world including cycling the Barossa Valley and tasting Penfold’s Grange Hermitage. Now biking and drinking ... there’s an idea. Then bringing home wine from St. Emilion and having the Chateau fudge the receipt lower, 'C’est Normal', and hoping Customs doesn't drink Grand Cru Classe.

Holly’s background is as diverse as the varietals found in the Okanagan: transportation, recycling, spa, and most recently successful restauranteur. Throughout it all wine has been a passion of hers, although her dog’s name is Guinness, go figure!

Email Holly at holly@laughingstock.ca about our Preferred Share Wine Club or to set up a tasting.


Sarah Isaksen
office manager

Having decided Northern BC is just too cold, Sarah decided to give in and come to the sunny Okanagan. Upon meeting her Sommelier husband, she quickly graduated from drinking sweet, pink girly wines to appreciating a good Syrah.

This newfound interest in the wine business pairs well with her years of administrative & book-keeping experience (pun totally intended). If you're in the Tasting Room and hear rustling and even sometimes muttering coming from behind the sliding doors, you know she's hard at work. 


Sukhi & Balwinder Dhaliwal
vineyard managers
perfect hedge vineyard, osoyoos

Sukhi and his brother, Balwinder (Bill) moved to BC over 20 years ago and have grown their own vineyard management business to look after over 100 acres in the South Okanagan. We are thrilled to have them as the custodians of our 15 acre Osoyoos property, the Perfect Hedge Vineyard for the past 7 years.

The Dhaliwals attention to detail in the vineyard, and their ability to 'read the leaves' to make irrigation decisions are second to none.


marmot chaser

Every winery needs a winery dog, and Radar fulfills the requirements of that job perfectly. He is in and out of the winery all day, always right on the heels of winemaker David Enns, and will happily hang out and watch whatever action is going on. He also visits the office regularly to greet the team and check to see if there’s any interesting food to be shared.

A mix of Border Collie and Bernese Mountain Dog, he is playful, smart, and pretty much the best winery dog ever.