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How is your Portfolio performing?

With the release of our 18th vintage of Portfolio, here are some resources to help you understand the evolution of these wines and how they are aging.  

  • Vintage Review - Which years were good growing years?  Which were more challenging?
  • Portfolio Review - How has the winemaking approach and the blend changed over time? 
  • LFNG Growth Chart - Starting with 1 ton of grapes in a garage in White Rock, compare our growth curve and milestones versus the performance of the TSX stock exchange.


    Vertical Media Reviews - See what these wine experts are saying about the last decade of Portfolio

    Generally speaking, our white wines are meant to be drank within two years of release and our red wines have cellaring potential of 7 to 10 years. While monitoring your wines, we always suggest that if you have several bottles, try a bottle once in a while to see how it's developing according to your own palate and preferences. 

    We are always interested in your opinions on how our wines are aging.  Please feel free to forward your tasting experiences to