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White Wine

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The Viognier grows at our Perfect Hedge Vineyard in Osoyoos and BullPine vineyard. An hour south of the Naramata Bench winery site, this vineyard is hotter and provides the extra heat units that Viognier requires to ripen fully. 

Insider Tip: The trick with Viognier is to get optimal ripeness without losing acidity, thus choosing the right day to pick is critical.

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Making a well-balanced Chardonnay is a challenge that requires both a level of judgment and restraint to fully showcase the fruit characteristics, together with fullness and finesse.

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Laughing Stock has created our 4th vintage of a Rosé wine.  "In the Pink" is a financial expression that describes an investor or the economy as being in a good financial position or in good health.  At the winery, not every year is a 'pink year', but our Rosé is an indicator of a great harvest, and besides, who doesn't enjoy a glass of Rosé on a hot Okanagan day.

Insider Tip: Small Cap release with just 244 cases produced. 

National Wine Awards of Canada 2022 - Silver Medal 

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This small cap release is a tribute to how wine was made in ancient times. Using a hands-off winemaking approach, this is our 8th year of working with 500L terracotta Clay Amphorae. The result is a wine that challenges you to define it to a specific region or style.

INSIDER TIP: Originally used in ancient Greek & Roman days, this approach embodies the artisan desire to make wines more naturally with wild ferments and minimal intervention. 

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