Since inception, our goal has been to continuously be to explore and create the best wines that showcase the Okanagan Valley. To achieve that, Laughing Stock is a 100% super hands-on operation. We diligently tend to every stage of the winegrowing and winemaking processes. 

Our winemaking philosophy is focused on super premium, small production wines using techniques that showcase the very best from the fruit we grow. In 2005, we built a leading-edge winemaking facility: a 5,000 sq. ft. steel building on our sloping site complete with an underground barrel cellar. The design leverages the hillside on which we live and reaps the major benefits from a gravity flow system including limited intervention and handling of the wine in its development.

We invested in top-of-the-line winery equipment like double sorting tables to ensure that only the best fruit clusters are used. We can also regulate how much whole berry fruit goes into the fermentors. We aim to always improve the wines year to year and as such we have been exploring a variety of fermentation vehicles over the past few years including temperature regulated stainless tanks, a large French oak fermentor (which we call the “Ferminator”) and the addition of three concrete eggs (nicknamed “Free Range," “Scrambled”, "Fabergé" & "Benedict"). We also acquired two clay Amphorae from Italy, in which we make a limited production wines. Complexity is added to the red wines through an extended barrel-aging program using 100% French oak in both standard barrels sizes and 500 liter puncheons. 

The days of wearing suits and pushing paper seem far behind us as we enter our 16th harvest. And in 2018, Nikki Callaway joined the winemaking team, lending her extensive winemaking experience to Laughing Stock’s dedication to not living up to their name.  For bios on our team members, visit Our Team.