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Amphora VR 2020

Amphora VR 2020
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wine profile

This small cap release is a tribute to how wine was made in ancient times. Using a hands-off winemaking approach, this is our 8th year of working with 500L terracotta Clay Amphorae. The result is a wine that challenges you to define it to a specific region or style.

INSIDER TIP: Originally used in ancient Greek & Roman days, this approach embodies the artisan desire to make wines more naturally with wild ferments and minimal intervention. 

This wine is often referred to as an “Orange” wine. This is due to the time spent on skins which give it it’s orange hue, a hit of tannin, and its unique flavour. It is unfiltered and unfined, resulting in some cloudiness. This VQA wine is not your typical white and should be enjoyed with an open-mind and as a new adventure into "orange/natural wine".

Those that like it, like it a lot. The Roussanne prominence shows its dry herbal tea note, along with dried apricot. There is a savouriness to this wine that can play off a pork loin stuffed with grapefruit and fennel or a plate of country pate, warmed olives, apricot chutney, and some harvest moon washed rind cheese from our local producer Poplar Grove Cheese.

Makes a perfect aperitif.

Winemaking notes

This vintage is 59% Roussanne and 41% Viognier. This is the highest percentage of Roussanne we have done. At harvest, we placed the whole berries in 2 of our 500L terracotta Amphorae, at which point they were left covered and untouched for 90 days. This hands-off approach resulted in slower extraction from the grape skins, while the tannin worked as a natural antioxidant to the wine.

Vintage Notes

The 2020 growing season started slow but by mid summer the vines were progressing well. The crop was light in general which allowed the quality to really shine. Loosely formed bunches with smaller than average berry size, allowed for full sunlight penetration with resultant development of intense fruit flavours.

Cold weather and snow starting on Oct 22, which put a dramatic end to the growing season, but due to the light crop, grapes reached full flavor maturity and the resulting wines are fully bodied, with excellent flavors and harmonious balance. The 2020 whites, overall, are showing very balanced acidity with great fruit flavours, lush rich palates and excellent fruit intensity.


59% Murray Vineyard Naramata Bench, 41% Thomas Ranch OK Falls and the Golden Mile in Oliver.


BC winery explores natural winemaking


Wine Specs
Okanagan Valley
Harvest Date
October 8, 2020
4.8 g/l
1-5 years
90 days on skins
Residual Sugar
0.73 g/l
Alcohol %